Value Added Services

Apart from provision legal services in the above practice areas, our firm prides itself in provision of a number of value added services for its clientele. Such services include:

1.          Publications & Legal Updates

We provide a wide range of client publications, legal updates and host events covering topical legal issues. Our partners continuously monitor developments in the areas in which they practice and compile notable legal changes that may affect our clients’ business. We circulate the updates to all our clients.

2.         Legal Training offered through TCA

Our firm is able to arrange and conduct free or low cost legal trainings and briefings for our clients on areas where capacity building is required. By so doing, we are able to equip our clients’ staff with the necessary skills to discharge their tasks. Our lawyers are professional trainers who have been trained as trainers. We make every effort to deliver training which is relevant to your needs and delivered in a manner that suits you. Other professional training services are offered through our associated company Training & Consulting Associates. To learn more, visit .

3.         Local Office Representation Services

Apart from providing incorporation and company set up services, we are able to offer local office representation services to our overseas clients who have not already set up offices in Kenya.

4.         Handling Services

Our firm offers an array of handling services including immigration, licensing, tax and other regulatory/ compliance return filing, tendering and procurement services on behalf of our clients with the Kenya Revenue Authority, National Social Security Fund, National Hospital Insurance Fund, Capital Markets Authority, Retirement Benefits Authority, Directorate of Industrial Training, Registrar of Companies etc.

5.         Company Secretarial Services

The firm is able to offer company secretarial, notary public and commissioner of oath services to our clients.

6.         Environmental Consultancy Services

The firm has expertise in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and environment consultancy during inception of projects, during the life of projects and in project related litigation at the National Environment Tribunal (NET).

7.         Immigration Advisory and Handling Services

We offer a full range of specialist immigration services to ensure that any problem you have can be dealt with. We are able to provide considered and realistic migration advice and legal services for work visa/permits, business immigration, property and investments, citizenship applications, family, child and dependant visas, refugee and humanitarian issues. Also, we have considerable experience in handling cases with the immigration services through internal reviews, tribunals and the Courts.

8.         Tax Services

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) acts as the tax collection agent on behalf of the Kenyan Government. To facilitate efficient collection of taxes, the Government has also imposed a statutory obligation on many organisations to act as tax collection agents for the KRA. The KRA is very active in ensuring that such organisations properly account for the taxes collected and, consequently, there are stringent compliance requirements.  Any non-compliance attracts punitive penalties, significant back taxes and loss of tax relief in some cases. 

Our firm specializes in providing expert tax advisory as a value added service for our clients. We are able to handle:

(i)  Tax compliance
(ii)  Tax advisory
(iii)  Tax reviews, audit and “health” checks
(iv)  Management of KRA tax audits
(v)  Representation in Local Committee, VAT Tribunal, Customs Valuation Appeals Tribunal and other Tax Appellate process
(vi)  International Executive Services such as tax planning
(vii)  Cross border tax advisory service
(viii)  Client information services: updates on legislative changes, tax developments and budget briefs
(ix)  Lobbying

9.         Employment and Industrial Relations Services

Our firm supports our clients by providing support in Employment and Industrial relations. Over the recent years, the landscape of labour laws has considerably changed. Quite a number of obligations have been imposed by statute on employers and there are attendant sanctions for non compliance – including imprisonment.

Our support to clients under this head aims to ensure they are always on the right side of the law and that they minimize any liability that may come as a result of dealing with their employees.  The services offered by us include drafting of various employee contracts, litigation in the industrial court, legal opinions on company restructuring in line with the labour laws, legal advice during CBA Negotiations, drafting policies, attending tripartite meetings and general advice on labour laws.

10.        Legal Audits

Legal audits are good for business. The risks of not conducting an audit or conducting a haphazard one are too high to ignore. Conducting an audit is more than beneficial - it is necessary. If management discovers latent legal problems during an audit, they can fix the problems before the company incurs any unnecessary liability. Not only can future legal costs be reduced, but a legal audit can also reveal unknown business opportunities. Overall, a legal audit can help a business achieve its goals with the least risk to its owners or shareholders.

Our firm is able to undertake legal audits of our clients’ processes and functions. Moreover, we are able to train relevant staff on how carry out routine checks and audit processes to forestall incurring of unnecessary liability.

11.        Charitable, Not for Profit & Religious Organisations

Our firm has considerable experience in advising charitable, not for profit and religious organisations. Our advice ranges from registration process and documentation, regulatory compliance, tax advice, labour law matters and advice on contracting processes.