The Firm

We are a progressive medium sized firm of Advocates having offices in Nairobi and Mombasa. In addition to being Kenyan Advocates, the firm provides notary and commissioner services. The firm comprises of three partners and has offices in Nairobi and Mombasa. In addition, the partners are complimented by three qualified associates and a number of legal assistants. We provide highly specialized and innovative legal services to carefully selected clients. A list of client references may be provided on request.

We strive to be an extremely well balanced law firm providing a wide range of legal services. Our partners have a collective legal practice experience amounting to over thirty years and have over time gained considerable experience on a wide range of practice areas. We are emerging leaders in each of the areas in which we practice.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leader in providing cost efficient, innovative and quality legal services that add value to our clients’ businesses.

Our Core Values

Professional Integrity – we are committed at all times to the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity

Client centered – we seek to understand our clients’ businesses and needs. In our quest to become better problem solvers, we regularly review our performance and solicit feedback from our clients. This enables us determine what we have done well and what we can improve.

Timeliness & Efficiency – we understand that time is money. Therefore, we strive to reduce our turnaround time as well as streamline our processes to achieve teamwork and maximum cost efficiency and, of course, we pass on the savings to our clients!

Continuous learning and development – clients have high expectations. We seek always to recruit the best people and to develop their skills. We also encourage them to be innovative and to find practical, better and cheaper ways to solve our clients’ problems.

Social Responsibility – we believe the practice of law should improve the lives of our communities. As lawyers, we are obligated to help ensure that doors of justice are open to all irrespective of their economic standing in society. The firm takes a keen interest in pro bono work. Moreover, we encourage all our staff to contribute to social initiatives such as education, community development and access to justice.

Sustainability – we strive to reduce environmental impact by conserving natural resources and managing the firms operations in a sustainable manner by promoting reuse and recycling of paper, plastics, envelopes etc., reducing the type and quantity of waste we produce and conserving energy

Office Locations

Our office locations are quite convenient and designed to increase effectiveness in management of litigation as well as provide serenity required to hold conducive meetings. Our Nairobi office is locates at Chaka Place with ample and safe parking and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our offices are a stone’s throw from the prestigious Yaya Centre and also in close proximity to many other essential business and social amenities. Our Mombasa offices are located at Mombasa Uni Plaza, Moi Avenue within the Mombasa CBD and are easily accessible.

Technology & Support Services

Our offices are fully equipped with:

  • » advanced networked information systems
  • » case management systems
  • » client billing systems
  • » elaborate document processing machines
  • » electronic archiving facilities
  • » law statutes
  • » law reports
  • » legal texts and reference books
  • » encyclopedias of Forms and Precedents
  • » subscription and access to online resources

The frim makes extensive used of legal and administrative personnel to provide the appropriate skills level for the legal services required by our clients. MMK keeps pace with today’s technology by providing our lawyers and staff with the most advanced technology tools available to facilitate the practice of law.

Mode of Charging Fees

We charge our fees based on the Advocates Remuneration Order, time (hourly) or on retainer bases. Usually the basis of our charges will be set out in the letter confirming our acceptance of client’s instructions to act. Where appropriate, factors set out in the Advocates Remuneration Order may be taken into account, for instance complexity, value and importance of the matter being handled.

Sums incurred by us on our clients’ behalf such as stamp duty, search fees, agent’s fees and all other disbursements will be recharged in addition, as will expenses incurred on faxes, courier, emails, telephone calls and copying.

Value added tax where applicable, presently at 16%, is chargeable on fees and most disbursements (other than stamp duty and government fees). Our quotations and estimates do not include VAT unless otherwise expressly stated.

We may submit interim bills during the course of handling matters. Also, we may at any time require from you a deposit on account of anticipated costs and disbursements. Such deposits are, in the normal way, held against payment of the final account to be rendered to you and the client is expected to settle interim bills without resort to the deposit.

Indemnity Cover

We have taken out an appropriate Professional Indemnity Cover for KShs. 50,000,000 in respect of a broad category of matters handled by the firm. However, if need be, this can be enhanced at request to suit the peculiar needs of the requesting client or matter being handled.